Oliver Rackham

Language: English


The 100th volume of the prestigious New Naturalist series, written by one of Britain's best-known naturalists, explores the significance and history of woodlands on the British landscape ?Trees are wildlife just as deer or primroses are wildlife. Each species has its own agenda and its own interactions with human activities?? This 100th volume of the New Naturalist series presents a landmark in natural history publishing. Looking at such diverse evidence as the woods used in buildings and ships, and how woodland has been portrayed in pictures and photographs, Rackham reconstructs British woodland through the ages. Aimed at the non-specialist, ?New Naturalist Woodlands? investigates what woods are and how they function. In lively style, Rackham takes us through: ? How woods evolved and how they are managed,? The basic botany (understanding roots, partnerships, longevity, tree-rings),? Outline of woodland history,? Pollen analysis and wildwood,? Archives of woodland and how to study...