To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform (Cambridge Library Collection - British and Irish History, 19th Century)

Ebenezer Howard

Language: English

Published: Oct 28, 2010


Sir Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928) travelled to the USA and was inspired by the rebuilding of Chicago, as well as his interest in social welfare, to found the Garden City Association in 1899. Howard believed that the solution to overcrowding and poor conditions in modern industrial towns was to produce new planned communities which created a 'joyous union' of town and country. The goal of the garden city was to combine the attractions of town life with access to nature and a healthier lifestyle. The first of these communities, Letchworth Garden City, was established in the early 1900s, followed by Welwyn Garden City in the 1920s. This volume, first published in 1898, sets out Howard's utopian vision in full; explaining how a garden city would be financed, planned and administered. Energetic and conversational in style, this book is a charming introduction to Howard's ground-breaking and influential ideas.



'This double spread of foresight and hindsight is a genuinely wonderful thing.' - Michael Hebbert, University of Manchester

'To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform is almost without question the most important single work in the history of modern town planning'. - Sir Peter Hall, Director of the Institute of Community Studies and Bartlett Professor of Planning at University College London.

'This edition is far more than an exercise in planning history: all those practically involved in new town planning, whether in Britain or across the world, will find enormous profit in reading this new edition of To-Morrow. The answers they seek will be found in these pages.'
- David Lock, Chairman of the Town and Country Planning Association

'This book is destined to become a standard purchase for every serious practitioner of planning, and for those fascinated by modern social, economic and political history.' - Fencing and Landscape News

Book Description

Sir Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928) was the founder of the Garden City Association and believed that new towns incorporating the benefits of country living were the solution to overcrowding and poor conditions in modern industrial towns. This volume, first published in 1898, introduces his utopian vision of the Garden City.