Low-Cost Pole Building Construction

Douglas Merrilees & Evelyn Loveday

Language: English

Publisher: Storey Books

Published: Oct 15, 1976


Cost-effective and adaptable, pole buildings are the perfect solution for tool sheds, barns, or even summer homes. Low-Cost Pole Building Construction focuses on designs that provide good wind resistance with minimal grading and no need to excavate for a foundation. With full plans for a number of sample buildings that include a solar cottage, garage, and woodshed, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively build the structure you need while saving both money and time.

From the Back Cover

Pole Building Construction

  • If you want to save money

  • If you want to build it yourself, but lack experience.

  • For small buildings, barns, cottages and camps, even homes.

This one-of-a-kind book will save you money, labor, time, and materials in building a small home, barn, or other structure.

Involves limited grading, no excavation for a foundation, use of sites unsuited for other types of buildings, good wind resistance, and fewer materials.

You can build it yourself with this book, illustrated with plans, drawings, and photographs.

Construction techniques are carefully explained.

This book will make pole building construction THE answer to your building needs.

Plans for

  • Year-round houses

  • Vacation homes

  • Garage and tool shed

  • Woodshed

  • Solar cottage

  • Small pole barn

  • Storage shed

About the Author

Ralph Wolfe has written Storey's Low-Cost Pole Building Construction with the expert advice of Doug Merrilees and Evelyn Loveday. It has received acclaim from Countryside & Small Stock Journal: "The definitive book on the subject, Low-Cost Pole Building Construction, is cheap enough and sufficiently valuable to belong in every homestead library." Ralph has since passed away.