The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture

Nicole Faires

Language: English

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Published: May 4, 2012


Permaculture is an important but often misunderstood method of growing food and building homes in a manner that works with nature, rather than against it, to create beautiful, healthy, and useful gardens. Blending ecology, organic agriculture, green home design, appropriate technology, and biology can be confusing and overwhelming, but The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture simplifies this vast field for practical application. This is a hands-on guide, taking the beginner through each step of the design process, so that anyone can apply permaculture principles to their own life. While the principles are simple, the in-depth topics cover every aspect of permaculture, including:

  • Building green homes and passive solar design 

  • Growing edible plant communities and forest gardens 

  • Using no-till and natural farming methods 

  • Creating microclimates for extended growing seasons 

  • Raising livestock with ecological foraging techniques 

This is a common-sense approach to sustainable living that creates a self-sufficient and low-effort home for the people that live there, whether in the city or the country. The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture isn’t a philosophy book, or a dissertation on theory. It is a step-by-step, complete guide to every aspect of permaculture.


About the Author

Nicole Faires was born in Tucson, Arizona, to a semi-nomadic homeschooling family. After traveling over most of the western U.S., they finally settled in Montana where she grew her own food, made her own clothes and generally ruined her teenage social life. She later moved to Canada and had three precocious girls. She now lives on Vancouver Island where she spends her spare time writing and experimenting with sustainable lifestyles.