Building Soils for Better Crops

Fred Magdoff

Language: English

Publisher: SARE Outreach

Published: Apr 2, 2000


Healthy soils are key to producing good harvests with minimal pest problems. How to create that balanced soil ecosystem, however, remains a challenge for even the most experienced growers.

Building Soils for Better Crops unlocks the secret of maintaining a diverse ecosystem below ground to foster healthy crops above. Ecological soil management, as detailed by the soil experts who wrote the book, can raise fertility and yields while reducing environmental impacts. The 240-page Building Soils contains detailed information about soil structure and the management practices that affect soils, as well as practical information like how to interpret soil test results.

Some of the soil-building strategies include:

Increasing soil organic matter

Using appropriate tillage

Incorporating animal manures

Making and using composts

Integrating cover crops into rotations

Reducing erosion

Methods to avoid and decrease soil compaction