Toward Sustainable Communities: A Resource Book for Municipal and Local Governments

Mark Roseland

Language: English

Published: Feb 15, 1992


This book is intended as a resource for elected officials, municipal staff, and citizens who would like to apply the concept of sustainable development in their communities through an ecosystems approach to human settlements management. The subcomponents of human community life and its impact on the environment are explored. Included are tested, practical suggestions, helpful contacts, and essential references to use in setting community planning and development on a sustainable course. Sixteen chapters include: (1) "The Meaning of Sustainable Development"; (2) "Toward Sustainable Communities"; (3) "Atmospheric Change and Air Quality"; (4) "Transportation Planning and Traffic Management"; (5) "Land Use and Growth Management"; (6) "Energy Conservation and Efficiency"; (7) "Solid and Hazardous Waste Reduction and Recycling"; (8) "Water and Sewage"; (9) "Greening the City"; (10) "Economic Development"; (11) "Community Development"; (12) "Investment and Purchasing"; (13) "Leadership by Example"; (14) "Environmental Administration"; (15) "Beyond Municipal and Local Government"; and (16) Lessons for Policymaking." (LZ)