How Shall I Live My Life?: On Liberating the Earth From Civilization (Large Print 16pt)

Derrick Jensen

Language: English


Published: Jan 15, 2011


In this collection of interviews, Derrick Jensen discusses the destructive dominant culture with ten people who have devoted their lives to undermining it.Whether it is Carolyn Raffensperger and her radical approach to public health, or Thomas Berry on perceiving the sacred; be it Kathleen Dean Moore reminding us that our bodies are made of mountains, rivers, and sunlight; or Vine Deloria asserting that our dreams tell us more about the world than science ever can, the activists and philosophers interviewed in How Shall I Live My Life? each bravely present a few of the endless forms that resistance can and must take.Interviews include: George Draffan Jesse Wolf Hardin Vine Deloria David Abram Steven Wise Jan Lundberg David Edwards Thomas Berry Carolyn Raffensperger and Kathleen Dean Moore.