Marketing in the Groundswell

Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff

Language: English

Published: Feb 15, 2009


SinceGroundswellwas published in April of 2008, two things have happened: The global economy has gone into the dumper; and at the same time, marketers have fallen in love with social technologies. So states author Josh Bernoff in his introduction toMarketing in the Groundswell, which offers vital information that everyone involved in marketing or in communicating with customers needs to know. The book includes three core chapters from the original bestseller that focus on market research, marketing, and spreading word-of-mouth among your best customers. Sure, you already know that customers are writing about your products on blogs or talking about your brand on Twitter and Facebook. Now, turn that interest into opportunity and profit. In these economic times, marketers like you are increasing their investment in social technologies, while cutting back on more traditional expenses. Why? Because they work no matter the economic climate.Marketing in the Groundswellshows you how you can build social applications, measure their results, and use the social technology movement to yourcompany’s advantage.