Rogue Moon

Algis Budrys

Language: English

Publisher: Gateway

Published: Feb 23, 2012


All his life, Al Barker has toyed with death. So when the US lunar programme needs a volunteer to penetrate a murderous labyrinth, alien to all human comprehension, Barker's the man to do it. But what is required of Barker is that he withstand the trauma of dying, not just once, but time and time again.

A disquieting and original psychological study, Rogue Moon is the story of monstrous scientific ambition matched by human obsession.


This study of the human psyche has an incredible amount of power which when combined with the study of relationships and exploration of that final frontier - the inevitable truth that is death - creates a unique and breathtaking novel that simply has no equal, a true classic in every sense. -- Antony Jones SFBOOKREVIEWS blog 20120130

About the Author

Algis Budrys (1931 - 2008) was a Lithuanian-American SF author, editor and critic. He was born in Konigsberg in East Prussia and died in Illinois in 2008.