Occupy Until I Come: A.T. Pierson and the Evangelization of the World

Dana Lee Robert

Language: English

Published: Feb 15, 2003


Arthur Tappan Pierson (1837-1911) was the elder statesman of the student missionary movement and the leading evangelical advocate of foreign missions in the late 1800s. Occupy until I Come, the first biography of Pierson in more than a century, explores the life, thought, and legacy of this major figure in American religious history. Working from the best available sources, Dana Robert illumines the relationship between A. T. Pierson's role in the surging foreign missions movement and the development of nineteenth-century evangelicalism. Pierson was famous in his day as a Bible teacher, a leader in Keswick holiness piety, and an urban pastor who cared passionately for the poor. An original editor of the Scofield Reference Bible, Pierson also carried on a transatlantic preaching ministry that made him famous in Scotland and England. In covering both Pierson's career and his context, this book is not only the finest available biography of A. T. Pierson but also a valuable portrait of America's religious landscape at a key point in history.