Great Foundations: Building Resilient and Effective Not-For-Profit Organisations

Catherine J. Brown

Language: English

Publisher: ACER Press

Published: Feb 15, 2010


Great not-for-profit organizations are built on a solid foundation of knowledge, creativity, experience, and agreed values purpose. Great Foundations is a practical guide for people working in not-for-profit organizations, especially for aspiring board members, CEOs, and those for whom this is new territory. The book is for people who want to make the most effective contribution possible to their chosen not-for-profit organization. It is about the importance of giving attention to all parts of a not-for-profit organization and understanding: why, some of the time, the back office should really be front of mind * why a slick marketing message is not enough without a solid program delivery * why one needs to know, from a legal perspective, what is under the hood of a not-for-profit's engine * why thoughtful planning and active networks are critical to the survival of a not-for-profit. After many years working as a board member, a lawyer, a CEO, and an adviser for not-for-profit organizations, author Catherine Brown has written Great Foundations to share her knowledge about not-for-profit organizations. Great Foundations also provides ideas about experience in other sectors, which can add real value to a not-for-profit board or organization.