Breakthrough - the Second Book in the Red Gambit Series.

Colin Gee

Language: English

Published: Nov 23, 2012


The second book in the Red Gambit Series. Starting on the 13th August 1945, 'Breakthrough' follows the soldiers, sailors and airmen of both sides in the struggle for supremacy in Europe. From Irish waters to the freezing Barents Sea, a hotel in Spain to a school house in Germany, a gutter fight in Eggenthal to true horror on the banks of the Veerse River, and from Mongolia to Nova Scotia, and into the Parliament of the United Kingdom, 'Breakthrough' will continue the journey through the events that became known as World War Three. [The ‘Red Gambit Series’ novels are works of fiction, and deal with fictional events. Most of the characters therein are a figment of the author’s imagination. Without exception, those characters that are historical figures of fact or based upon historical figures of fact are used fictitiously, and their actions, demeanour, conversations, and characters are similarly all figments of the author’s imagination.]