Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb

Philip K. Dick

Language: English


Publisher: Ace Books

Published: Feb 15, 1973


Dr. Bluthgeld is a deranged and paranoid scientist who believes he has the power to destroy the world with his mind. While visiting his therapist his paranoia increases. Walt Dangerfield and his wife are on the first launch of human colonists to Mars. Later that day Bluthgeld drops the bombs and, above Earth, the launch of the Mars colonists has failed. The ship is stuck in orbit around Earth. Dangerfield, with his wife dead and a ship full of supplies, begins broadcasting to the survivors now left on earth. His voice and music give hope to those surviving. But one isn't amused. His power grows until he has the ability to kill the last hope of mankind, Dangerfield.