Bring the Jubilee

Ward Moore

Language: English

Publisher: Bart Books

Published: Feb 15, 1976


"[WARD MOORE IS] ONE OF THE BEST AMERICAN WRITERS." --Ray Bradbury The United States never recovered from The War for Southern Independence. While the neighboring Confederacy enjoyed the prosperity of the victor, the U.S. struggled through poverty, violence, and a nationwide depression. The Industrial Revolution never occurred here, and so, well into the 1950s, the nation remained one of horse-drawn wagons, gaslight, highwaymen, and secret armies. This was home for Hodgins McCormick Backmaker, whose sole desire was the pursuit of knowledge. This, he felt, would spirit him away from the squalor and violence. Disastrously, Hodgins became embroiled in the clandestine schemes of the outlaw Grand Army, from which he fled in search of a haven. But he was to discover that no place could fully protect him from the world and its dangerous realities. . . . "The Civil War has been often rethought, most effectively in Ward Moore's Bring the Jubilee." --Donald E. Westlake The New York Times